Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Our 2nd vacation to Amamioshima, part 1

Back from the weekend. Sitting here, enjoying some downtime after a day of normal schedule.
My schedule is going to look more or less like this from now on:
Get up around 6:30 am. MWF, jog. Go on a prayer-walk for at least an hour. Eat at some point. Study Japanese for at least an hour in the morning. Eat lunch either at home or at this hole-in-the-wall down the road that offers a big ol' bowl of either yummy noodles or yummy rice, egg, and chicken for $5. Yummy. Study Japanese for at least 2 hours in the afternoon. Then do other schtuff for what remains of the afternoon. Today, it was visiting this retired gentleman who worked in the US Air Force on Okinawa for like 40+ years and who has only his wife and no kids. So he seems to be glad that I stop by. I'll be stopping by more as time goes on.

So, this weekend. It was quite cool. Quite. Wanna know how it went down? OK, I'll tell you.
Saturday morning - got up at 4 am and got down to the ferry, which left at 5:15 (25 minutes late, as usual), was delayed for an hour b/c we went out like 15 minutes and turned back, spent another 20 minutes in port, and then turned around. So we get to the port city on Amamioshima (Naze, where we stayed last time we were on this island) and took a bus down to Koniya. First off we went on a glass-bottom boat tour, which was quite cool really. It wasn't glass BOTTOM, but it there were quite a few windows and we could see alot of cool fishies and coral and stuff. It was a bit expensive, but what in Japan isn't? Ate lunch there and then were picked up by the temporarily-visiting Irish friend of the Irish JET who lives in Koniya at whose apartment we were planning to stay. Arrived there, talked a bit, went snorkeling w/ our new masks and snorkels. Had a good time. Got back, did a big ol' potluck dinner w/ 7 people total. Stayed up late playing cards w/ a buncha people, went to bed at 1 am.

1 am?!?!? Yeah, we're crazy like that. More info later, man. Don't push me.

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