Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thank goodness for Harriet Miers!

Thank goodness that she withdrew her nomination!

Man, I was getting really nervous that she might actually make it thru the Senate confirmation. So it's a good day in America.


GENA said...

Alan! Did you get my email? :)
Hmmm, maybe I'll set up one of these blog things.
Just curious on the political commentary - do you consider yourself democrat or republican?

Rhology said...

Hi Gena!

Yes, got your email, and you'll see that I responded to it.
Anyway, I'm actually an evil conservative and so often very disgusted by the policies and actions of the Republicans. But when I vote, I vote Republican. I'd vote Democrat (since I'm wedded to no particular party) except they keep putting forth bad candidates for most any position I care about.

So while the Repubs (like the President) are generally as desirable as dingy grey 3-day-old bathwater, they are still preferable to the dingy green 4-day-old bathwater laced w/ several liters of chlorine that is the Democratic Party.