Friday, October 14, 2005

Kikai/Japan Idiosyncrassies, Part Cinco

It's Saturday and we're almost ready for our big hamburger cookout tonight. We've borrowed a grill and got some charcoal and got a whole buttload of ground beef for burgers. I think I'll be inserting a bit of garlic into each burger patty to add a new taste sensation! Mmmm. One of our Japanese friends was like "Um, I'll be there, but what is a hamburger cookout?" Ah yes - "cookout" is not a common word (except in the South).

OK, another funny thing about this place:

-Cars have funny Engrish model names. Some of the best examples are:
--Emina. Hmm. Is that a standard or automatic?
--Landy. I'd say that's very fitting for such a small island.
--Acty. This is one of those big vans I mentioned. Google "acty" and you'll see some.
--Scrum. This just sounds funny. Scrum.
--Move. Kinda like the Chevy Nova in Mexico.
--Life. Needless to say, I don't think this would sell in America.
--Mira. Like the Vamos, it's Spanish. As in, "Mira! A small car!"

So, again, to all y'all I say, hasta Lou A. Go.

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Dadd said...

I'll bet the "Emina" and the "Move" are built by the same car company. Am I right?