Sunday, October 16, 2005

Hamburgers devoured you only thought Japanese could devour.

So yeah, it rained a bit, but between that and the fact that I didn't build a big enough fire in our hibachi grill, we still were able to churn out 16 delicious virtuoso garlicburgers. Garlicburgers, you say? Yes indeed - while forming the patties outta ground beef I also inserted minced garlic. Great smells. During the grilling and on our breath afterwards. Dang right.

So like 14 people were there, in all, including Aub and me. That's a whole lot, and we had a good time, talking, watching Alan blow on the fire and try to get it hotter, playing mafia, eating garlicburgers. Cool beans. I had bought enough beef for 18 1/4-pounders, but one was in the fridge too near to the coolant vent so it got a bit frozen. So I chucked it (get it? chucked?) in the microwave and promptly forgot about it until about, oh, 22 hours later. Aubrey discovered it first. She was - how shall I put this? - surprised and dismayed. But at least no animals could get to it while it was firmly ensconced inside the microwave. No blood, no foul.

So we pray that God will help us follow up on the relationships we made last night and that it will be only the 1st of many gatherings at our house. In the New Testament, the Gospel was shared w/ people one-on-one and also in small and large groups. So we pray we will be open to the Spirit's opportunities.

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