Saturday, October 29, 2005

Video tour of our humble dwelling

All of you who have been requesting a tour of our house,
the time has finally arrived. Click there and you'll find a video (it's 56 MB, so be careful!) ready for downloading.

It's not a very big house, and you're probably wondering how I got 56 MB of video out of it. Thru mindless chatter, that's how!
As always, I hope you enjoy (that's a hope based more on wishful thinking than on fact, I know)!


steve said...

if you wanna try a different website for uploading videos, try It has faster downloads and less stupid ads all over the place than megaupload.

The only problem with it is the link only stays active for a week and can only be downloaded 25 times.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, ol' Megauploads there seems to have some pretty trashy ads....

- Ben Jammin'