Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Kikai/Japan Idiosyncraszies, Part Sicks

OK, back.
Today I had my first English classes - two of 30 minutes each w/ 4-6 year olds. A few of them were kinda scared of me but they dug the singing and the jumping that we were doing while singing. Not exactly TPR, but a cheap knock-off. That's my specialty anyway. If you read any of my political or theological musings, you'll know what I mean.

And I must say that I was kinda nervous and not looking forward to the classes. I kinda liked my life the way it was, you know? But I should do this. And I don't look forward to tomorrow's class of 1-hour w/ elem school kids, but I'm gonna do it. And hopefully I'll learn to like it. And if not, then I guess I'll be doing classes that I don't enjoy all that much.

NEWS FLASH: This Friday, the reports that Alan will very possibly be engaging in sumo wrestling at a town festival are absolutely true. Any and all attempts at forcing Alan to wear the sumo thong, however, will be soundly rebutted.

OK, here's an idiotsinkrasee:
-The fact that one drank a bunch last night, got pretty well sloshed, and has a hangover today is a normal conversation topic. Example, just a coupla Sundays ago we crossed paths on the street w/ Aubrey's boss. We were on bikes and he was headed the other direction, so we stopped just for a 30-second chat. He said it was nice weather, expressed surprise at seeing my bike (last he had heard, I was still looking for one), and then said, "Oof, drank beer last night. Head hurts. You know," and pointed to his head. We were like, "Oh, great. Um, see ya." Don't honestly know quite what to do w/ that yet.

I'll letcha know how the sumo stuff goes. Pray for the people of Japan.

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