Thursday, October 13, 2005

Our 2nd vacation to Amamioshima, take 2

OK, so... at like 12:40 am Aub and I are trying to figger out what to do on Sunday (the next day). We're clueless. We had been planning to go to a festival that we heard was in a nearby island, but then we discovered that not only can you not easily get around the island w/o a car (which we don't have) but the festival is not really starting until Monday.
So we pray, "Dear God, what the heck do we do tomorrow?" 5 minutes later, Sive (the JET) pops her head in and says that, by the way, if we want to go on the boat w/ them tomorrow, it's no problem. Later, it occurred to me that this was a pathetic prayer, really. Is it very important that we "have a good time"? No, not really, but God is over-gracious sometimes.
So the next morning we get up and get on this fishing-type boat, about 35 feet long or so, w/ 2 Irish, 2 Japanese girls, 2 Japanese guys (one the pilot of the boat), and us 2. We were glad to see that it was sunny and getting warm since we were going to snorkel, but by the time we got to the snorkeling site it was not very warm at all - like in the low 70s, and cloudy, w/ a significant wind. But we snorkeled anyway, and it was really fun. Aubrey was wearing a wetsuit top to keep her warm. By the time we got out of the water and started the windy journey to the 2nd snorkeling site, both Aub and I were really cold. So she put on a full wetsuit and that helped, even though we were still cold. Snorkeled again at a really nice spot. We saw some really cool fishies and some great coral - it was a great spot! One of our friends had an underwater digital camera, but we just had our eyes. Afterwards came my favorite part - it was like 1:45 and we hadn't eaten lunch yet, so we took the boat over to this deserted small island and anchored the boat. Then we swam to shore and started a big fire since we were cold. We ate lunch and some of them went on a hike, while Aubrey and me and two others kicked back for a nap in the sun near the fire. Man, it was really cool! Nobody else around and on this white sandy beach. It really was like a paradise setting.

Not much else to tell - the rest of the time we ate some take out food and hung out w/ these new friends.
So there you go. 'Twas a very cool weekend indeed.

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